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Omaha's First Restaurant NFTs are Here

What if there was a simple way to get discounts at bars & restaurants in Omaha? Omaha Beer Deer is doing exactly that by minting Omaha’s first restaurant NFTs!


NFT is an acronym for non-fungible token. Let me explain further. Bitcoins are considered fungible tokens. Fungible means mutually exchangeable. This means you can trade like with like. So, if you trade one bitcoin for another, you will have exactly the same thing.

Here’s another way to look at it. Suppose you are into Pokemon cards. You have a Torchic card. You trade it for another Torchic card. I don’t know why you would do this, but bear with me for the sake of the example. This is like trading one bitcoin for another.

Now, on the other hand, you have a Charizard card. It is one of a kind. If you trade it for a different kind of card, you no longer have the Charizard card. This is like a non-fungible token. You can trade it for something different.

How else are NFT’s different from Bitcoins? Your unique NFT can’t be replicated. It represents a real world item. In this case, food and drinks.


The purchasing process is quick and painless. You can visit and click on the link "Click here to buy your Omaha Beer Deer." Or, visit From there, pick out which NFT you wish to buy. You can purchase the NFT with Solana with your phantom wallet OR you can buy the NFT with apple pay or a credit card using's platform.

Crossmint was developed for people who literally know nothing about crypto currency. It will take less than 60 seconds to buy this NFT. If you have time to grab a drink of water, you have time to buy an NFT.


As of today, five local restaurants and bars are ready to give you food and drink for your NFT’s. Visit one of these fine establishments:

By the end of Summer 2022, Omaha Beer Deer expects to have at least 20 restaurants signed up for this program and ready to accept your NFT’s.

To use your NFT just open your phantom, coinbase, or digital wallet and show the restaurant your NFT. If you are unfamiliar with crypto currency, and would like some assistance, our business, Crypto Consultants LLC, will give you free assistance to get your digital wallet set up. Email or call 417-459-0225 to get started.


You don’t have to know anything about crypto currency to own these NFT’s and get the benefits they offer. Your NFT is for your personal use. It can’t be lost, stolen or expire. Use it when you want, where you want, with no hassle.

The Omaha Beer Deer NFT will get you discounts and perks across many bars and restaurants throughout the Omaha Metro Area. The typical discount is 15%, but they will be running other promotions and giveaways as well for owning the Beer Deer NFT. Visit for the current list of businesses that accept the Beer Deer NFT.

Different NFTs also get you different deals. The pictures of the Beer Deer Art will offer more benefits in the future, but they will be a little more expensive than the common NFT pass in black and white.

Visit for more information or to purchase your NFT! Thanks to Omaha Beer Deer for sponsoring this post.


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