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Omaha Streetcar

An Omaha Streetcar transportation system is expected to be completed in 2027!

ABOUT A streetcar transportation system is in the works for Omaha! With an expected completion in 2027, this brand-new infrastructure project will run on electricity, making them quiet, smooth and exhaust-free. They usually carry 130-170 people per vehicle, resulting in fewer cars on the road. In addition, streetcar vehicles can be expected to last 30 years, twice as long as the lifespan of a bus or car, making this a great sustainable addition to Omaha! The hope for this project is to directly lead to economic development and drive thousands of new jobs to the city. Omaha’s streetcar will create more destinations and attract more people to our urban core by creating an urban lifestyle that is attractive to young professionals that we currently don't have – the ability to live without a car.

MONETARY UPDATES Development in the urban core of Omaha, including the streetcar project, is now estimated at over 1.3 billion dollars! This update is based on 26 development projects that are underway, with the streetcar expecting to bring in over 30,000 new jobs and 30,000 new residents downtown. The total investment in the streetcar corridor totals $459 million, with a current project estimate of $389 million. The $70 million difference is the cost of infrastructure improvements to utilities, sewers and bridges to further improve our city. STREETCAR ROUTES As currently designed, the streetcar route will run east on Harney Street starting at 39th street all the way to the Riverfront and west on Farnam Street starting at the Riverfront over to 39th Street. There is potential to move further out west in the future, but this exciting start will connect the Blackstone neighborhood to downtown Omaha.


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