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Reno's Karaoke

Want to enjoy doing karaoke but don't want to sing in front of strangers? Reno's Karaoke is your place! Located in Blackstone, they have five different private rooms for you and your friends to book and sing just among your group! All you have to do is download an app, connect to the tv in your room, and then you choose songs directly from your phone. I personally loved the private room aspect of it because my friends and I could sing when we wanted, or just sit and talk when we wanted 😂

They also have a full bar you can order from and then bring the drinks into your room. It would be a great spot for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, etc!


Rooms are $5/hour/person and is 21+ only. You can book online on their website.


Reno's Karaoke is located in Blackstone on Farnam st.


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