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Samuelson Orthodontics

Need to find an orthodontist in Omaha? Check out Samuelson Orthodontics!


Dr. Nick Samuelson has experience as both a Husker and a Bluejay and loves supporting Omaha through his dental work. While at Creighton, he served as co-director of the One World Dental Clinic, which provided dental care to those unable to regularly afford it.

Along with the rest of his team, you're sure to have a friendly and accommodating experience (plus, the office is maybe the cutest dentist's office I've been to!)


A ton of orthodontic services are offered at Samuelson Ortho, including braces, Invisalign, whitening, mouth guards, and retainers. Check out to learn more, read patient testimonials, and to schedule an appointment.


Samuelson Ortho is located inside Children's Dental at 5118 N. 156th St. in West Omaha.

Thanks to Samuelson Ortho for sponsoring this post!


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