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Shop From Local Women Owned Brands on International Women's Day with HER Company Cooperative

ABOUT HERCompany is a women-owned cooperative offering a full commercial kitchen and retail space for women-owned businesses around the Omaha area. Their goal is to support local women entrepreneurs, and what’s a better day than International Women’s Day to check them out? From food and drink to clothing and skincare to kitchen, plants, and home decor, there are amazing vendors offering something for everyone.

VENDORS The Finicky Cookie // Beautifully Decorated Sugar Cookies Designed and Baked with Much Love Brenda’s Boards // Custom Charcuterie made with love Succor Creek // Start your home detox today with room sprays, candles, bath bombs, clean skin care and more! All products are ensured to have no harmful chemicals or toxins, which virtually all other fragrance brands contain. Life Elixir Juices // Curating elixirs that promote a holistic approach to wellness. The Coffee Roaster / A small coffee company that has been air roasting specialty coffees since 1995! My Serenity Bath & Body // Handcrafted bath and body products made with natural ingredients that work to nourish and protect skin! The Pie Whole // Pie shop that specializes in small batch, handheld pies made from scratch, using organic and local ingredients as much as possible! Lory’s Natural Seasonings // All natural herbs & spices to create the perfect blend of spices. Dough to the Rescue // Dough to the Rescue makes edible cookie dough that is 100% safe to eat raw! Also offer custom orders.

Norma’s Snacks // All snacks are made with locally sourced honey and feature unique grown-up flavors like elderberry and ginger and strawberry and rhubarb. Norma’s are totally normal snacks from nature. The Gritty Goldrenrod // Handmade boutique confections Bling Co 29 // Offers handmade intricate and detailed designs that tell a story or spark a memory. These earrings are purely made with love, and are truly a work of art. Past, Present, and Forever // Makes jewelry and keepsakes from Breast Milk, Cremains and anything dried. Soulful Serenity Soaps // Hi I'm Jenn, owner & artisan of Soulful Serenity Soaps. I founded this company in 2017 after a journey of needing a more sustainable, holistic way to care for our family and their skincare needs. We specialize in creating luxurious bath, body, and home care products that prioritize sensitive skin while giving you a spa-like experience. Tea n' More // Started in the Fall of 2020 with porch drop-offs and deliveries of Chai concentrate, one quart at a time. This is not yForget what you think tea is all about. You will find bold flavors, and surprising blends. There is a tea for everyone from three to ninety-three. LOCATION HERCompany Cooperative is located at 15330 Weir Street and is open Monday to Friday at 9am to 5pm, and Saturdays at 9am to 4pm. They are closed on Sundays.

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