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Table Grace Cafe

Table Grace Cafe // Visit Table Grade Cafe over your next lunch break for a pay what you can feel-good food concept in Downtown Omaha

ABOUT TABLE GRACE Matt and Simone Weber founded Table Grace Ministries in 2008, an Omaha-based nonprofit that seeks to fight food insecurity through volunteering and giving back to the community. They partner with Lutheran Giving to provide gift planning resources at little to no costs. Founded in 2011, Table Grace Café offers healthier meal options than many quick-dine cafés, and with no set prices and a pay-what-you-can concept, it cultivates a feel-good lunch destination in Downtown Omaha.

MENU The menu at Table Grace Café fluctuates based on food donations from Whole Foods, farmer's markets, and other fresh produce companies, but primarily serves soup, salad, and pizza. They also offer specialty coffees and pastries, serving as a simple lunch cafe downtown that is sure to be one of your go-to staples.

CATERING & EVENTS Table Grace Cafe also offers catering services for events like women's and corporate luncheons to hors d'oeuvres parties to brunches and more. Reserve a dinner at the cafe for 10-30 people, or they can come to you with a menu of your choice. If you’re interested in their catering services, you can check out their website, for more information!

LOCATION & HOURS Table Grace Cafe is located at 1611 Farnam Street, and is open daily from 11am to 2pm, except for Sundays when they’re closed!


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