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The Fat Putter

The Fat Putter // Check out a new, themed mini golf spot downtown!

ABOUT Who doesn’t love mini golf? The Fat Putter just opened their Omaha location in June of this year. They offer four 9-hole courses, each with their own theme. Every hole has a separate game to play that often determines your starting putt position or even give you the chance to play golf wizard, moving your opponent's ball wherever you wish. It's like a mini golf strategy game within a game! Some examples are Skee-Ball, Connect 4, claw machines, darts, Tetris, and twister. The Tetris hole you challenge each other in a game of Tetris for your putting position. The twister hole you are an obstacle your opponent must golf around. You keep score electronically and you can preview each course before starting to prepare your strategies against your opponents.

ADULT ONLY HOURS Something special about the Fat Putter is its geared towards adults! During daytime hours, all ages are welcome, but once the clock hits 6pm, the space is reserved for those who are 21 and older. There is a full bar and kitchen if you get hungry during your putting, with delicious flatbreads, fried ravioli, jell-o shots, and more to keep the fun brewing. LOCATION & HOURS The Fat Putter is located on the corner of 10th and Capitol in the heart of downtown Omaha. They are open Sundays through Thursdays from 10am to 10pm, and Fridays through Saturdays from 10am to Midnight. Every day at 6pm, the space is reserved for adults 21 and older.


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