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True REST Float Spa

True REST Omaha // Experience the unique relaxation technique of flotation therapy with True REST Float Spa in Lakeside Plaza

ABOUT True REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy) Flotation Therapy is a leading wellness center that offers a unique and transformative experiences for individuals seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. With state-of-the-art flotation tanks, True Rest provides a serene and tranquil environment where customers can escape the stresses of everyday life. Floatation therapy not only de-stresses but improves sleep and relieves pains.


Also known as sensory deprivation therapy, flotation therapy is a unique approach to relaxation and wellness. It involves immersing yourself in a specially designed tank filled with warm water and hundreds of pounds of Epsom salts, taking all pressures off the musculoskeletal and nervous systems which imitates a feeling of floating on air. Flotation therapy creates a serene environment that reduces blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and physical pain, as well as improve sleep quality and increase feelings of serenity and well-being. This experience not only helps to alleviate stress and anxiety but also provides numerous physical and mental health benefits. BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT You can book your first float, you can visit their website at! They require new clients to arrive to their appointment at least a half hour early, otherwise you will have to reschedule. A cool way that True REST gives back to the community is offering free floats to veterans and active military members on the 11th of every month!

LOCATION & HOURS True REST is located in Lakeside Plaza at 2522 S 171st Ct and is open Monday from 4pm to 10pm and Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am to 10pm! #OmahaPlaces


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