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Consider Twenty47 in Millwork Commons for all your permanent jewelry and tattoo needs!

ABOUT Twenty47 began as a sister brand to the company 47 wires with a focus on permanent jewelry. For the last two years, they have moved on to provide high quality fine line tattooing services as well. With a biomedical degree, safety standards and cleanliness of the space is a high priority to the founder of Twenty47, and she wanted to focus on creating a comfortable space for women that is intimate and cozy, while providing top quality services. With an inviting atmosphere, the team at Twenty47 strive to create unique experiences and everlasting memories.

Aside from in-house services, Twenty47 also offers wedding and event booking, with bridal options available as well! For more information you can visit

PERMANENT JEWELRY With tarnish-free 14K white gold, yellow gold and sterling silver options, permanent jewelry at Twenty47 is permanently welded together to give you a timelessly elegant piece of jewelry you never have to remove. They offer in studio appointments, pop up appointments when applicable, and private events upon request.

TATTOO SERVICES Twenty47 also offers tattoo services, specializing in fine line tattoos. Done by using a smaller needle size (1RL, 3RL, 5RL) in a rotary machine, this is a style of tattoo more tailored to delicate and detailed styling, such as script, hand/finger tattoos, and more.

SCHEDULE A SERVICE Twenty47 is located in Millwork Commons at 1111 N 13th Street, and is by appointment only. To book, you can message @t.wenty47 or send an email to to inquire about studio appointments!


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