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Urban Abbey

URBAN ABBEY // Progressive church, coffee shop, and book store in the Old Market!



The coffee shop side of Urban Abbey has a large coffee menu with your standard coffees, blended frappes, smoothies, tea, chai, and matcha. They also have a section called "Coffee for Justice Seeking People" with coffee names like "smashing the patriarchy a latte" (blackberry, white mocha, hazelnut) and "The RGB" (black and white mocha). They also have a community partner each month and donate 10% of sales to them! They have a large space with plenty of tables and great natural light.



The bookstore lines the walls of the coffee shop and has social justice books, Christian books, and best-selling books across all platforms.



Urban Abbey doubles as a United Methodist church with a focus on social justice issues and creating a safe space where everyone is welcome. They have worship services every Sunday at 9 and 11 am!


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