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Valo Wellness Spa

Valo Wellness Spa // Treat yourself with a spa day at Valo Wellness Spa

ABOUT Inspired by the Scandinavian value of hygge, a pleasant conviviality that evokes a sense of contentment and well-being, Valo is the perfect example of a modern oasis of peace. At Valo, they believe in the harmony between personal health and planetary well-being. Just as you walk into the building, you can sense the conscious effort that was taken into the sustainability of Valo’s design, brand, and operational standards.

SERVICES Valo offers traditional spa treatments and changing rooms, as well as an accessible wellness playground with innovative wellness modalities for everyone. They also offer workshops and events programs along with an organic tea bar, a carefully curated retail selection and roster of holistic health practitioners. LOCATION Valo Wellness Spa is located in the Regency Shopping Center at 120 Regency Pkwy Ste 104. #OmahaPlaces


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