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Visit Coffee Society Cafe, a New Cafe and Drive Thru in La Vista!

ABOUT Coffee Society Cafe is a brand-new family-owned coffee shop and cafe in La Vista, Nebraska that opened in mid-January of this year! With an indie feel, this up-and-coming Cafe is quickly becoming a favorite amongst those in La Vista. They offer coffee, tea, snacks, sandwiches, salads and more—anything you could need for a study session. On top of having a sit-down cafe inside, Coffee Society also has a Drive-Thru where you can snag a coffee on the way to work!

MENU Specializing in coffee, tea, freshly baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and lots of other yummy food options, Coffee Society's menu highlights dishes made from simple and fresh ingredients. They avoid artificial coloring and flavoring and offer plenty of gluten free options as well. All food is made to order, and cheeses and meats are hand sliced. The cafe also emphasizes iced coffee and sugar-free options to provide a diverse menu for any and all coffee lovers. While many places highlight super sweet and sugary drinks, Coffee Society wants to offer drinks for those who prefer the basics as well. ATMOSPHERE This is a great place to come and study and not be distracted by all the noise, as it has a comfortable and calm feel right when you walk in. The indie decor and natural lighting add a sense of warmth in this cold winter weather! The staff are so welcoming and happy to serve and answer any questions about the menu.

LOCATION & HOURS Coffee Society Cafe is located in La Vista at 10748 Virginia Plaza and are open daily from 6am to 7pm! #OmahaPlaces


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