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Your Guide to the Highlander Accelerator in North Omaha

Check out the beautiful community building and space in North Omaha: The Highlander Accelerator.

A patio with black floors and orange walls at the Highlander Accelerator


The Highlander Accelerator is a community space located at 2112 N. 30th St. in North Omaha, connecting people through education, engagement and enrichment. Thanks to the leadership of @seventy5north, the 65,000-square-foot building is activating a once dormant community.

While many have valid criticisms of gentrification in this area, it's important to invest in this neighborhood thoughtfully to give existing businesses and residents more tools to thrive. In fact, lots of the people partners behind the project have lived in North Omaha for years and are working to bring intentional revitalization to the forefront.


The Accelerator is home to a number of community spaces, like The Venue (for events!), The Connect (a community classroom, technology lab, and digital library), and The Dining Room (a food hall).

Metro Community College North Express and Creighton University at Highlander are also located in the building. These two facilities enable students and community members the ability to have resources close by.

There are also loads of community events hosted here, like yoga classes, concerts, movie nights & more!


Mentioned above, the Dining Room is a food hall in the Accelerator building. Home to some amazing Black-owned restaurants like Big Mama's Kitchen, Best Burger, and Dena's Place, it's a great space for some great eats.

You might also recognize Hardy Coffee Co. on the first floor of the building! Their Highlander location is home to their bakery and coffee roastery.


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