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Hoppy Taco

Visit Hoppy Taco in Dundee to get your taco fix (and grab a discount if you have a Beer Deer NFT!)


Hoppy Taco is your new Taco Tuesday and Torta Thursday go-to! Visit this casual taco joint in Dundee for your next bite, or even stop in for a trivia night!

And, if you own a Beer Deer NFT you can get 15% off!


To read a description of NFT's and what exactly I'm talking about, head to our blog post introducing Omaha's Beer Deer. In short, these NFT's are digital assets that will get you discounts to certain bars and restaurants around Omaha. Your unique NFT can’t be replicated and it represents a real-world item. In this case, tacos!

Visit for more information or to purchase your NFT!

Thanks to Omaha Beer Deer for sponsoring this post.


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