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A Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Omaha

If you're anything like us, visiting new coffee shops and cafes is one of the best parts of any city. Lucky for us, Omaha is home to a huge lineup of amazing, unique coffee shops. Here is our (hopefully pretty comprehensive) guide to Omaha's coffee shops!

We've included each coffee shop's Instagram handle or website, location, and helpful details to make your hunt for your favorite cuppa joe a little easier. On your marks, get set, caffeinate!

Rally Coffee | @rallycoffeeco

A clean white coffee bar sits behind a set of oak tables and white chairs. Rally Coffee's signature boho light fixtures and letterboard menu are present.

A simple and bright coffee shop located in North Downtown. A great place to work, chat with friends, or enjoy a drip coffee on an easy weekend morning.

Location: 749 N 14th St

The Gig | @thegigcoffee

A hand holds a clear plastic cup of a match and coffee drink at the Gig Coffee Shop

Located inside the Omaha Conservatory of Music, the Gig has the city's best grilled cheese (and some delicious drinks).

Location: 7023 Cass St

The Cottonwood | @thecottonwoodhotel

Located inside the Cottonwood Hotel in Blackstone, this small coffee shop has a full coffee menu & pastries.

Location: 302 S 36th St

Roast | @roast_coffeehouse

An iced latte in a clear plastic cup sits in front of Roast Aksarben.

Aksarben Village's go-to coffee roaster. Grab a flavored latte and a warm bagel with savory cream cheese before heading over to the farmer's market.

Location: 1904 S 67th St

Cafe Postale | @cafepostale_omaha

An iced latte in a glass cup with a black and white straw and a sandwich on a white plate sit on a glass table in front of a grey couch at Cafe Postale in Omaha.

A unique coffee shop and event venue near the Durham Museum, Cafe Postale has tasty drinks and a delicious menu of sandwiches in snacks against a historic backdrop.

Location: 950 S 10th St

Archetype Coffee | @archetypecoffee

A bright brown latte with white latte art sits on the corner of a black table in Archetype Coffee

A citywide favorite, Archetype has three locations, all serving specialty coffee in modern, inviting spaces.


CTRL Coffee | @ctrlcoffee_

At CTRL Coffee, a latte with cinnamon toast crunch pieces is held over a black and white checkered rug. A yellow chair and red table appear in the background.

Fun drinks, a cereal bar, and lots of games, this vibrant spot is on the edge of the Old Market downtown.

Location: 1016 S. 10th St.

Zen Coffee Co | @zencoffeeco

Zen Coffee's signature coffee flights sit on a marble table next to plates of toast.

With 3 locations, you'll likely know Zen for its coffee and toast flights, creative drinks, and house-made pastries.


Hardy Coffee Co. | @hardycoffeeco

A white mug with clean latte art sits on an oak table in Hardy Coffee Highlander

A locally-owned coffee roaster, Hardy is beloved and has 4 area locations. With a classic menu, and housemade syrups, flavors, and baked goods, you're sure to find something you adore.


Myrtle & Cypress Coffeehouse | @myrtleandcypresscoffeehouse

A wooden shelf of plants sits next to a white table and window in Myrtle & Cypress

With adorable boho vibes and yummy organic drinks, this plant-filled coffee shop is a cozy spot to unwind, focus on some emails, or chat with a friend.

Location: 517 N 33rd St

Stir Coffee Bar | @stircoffeebar

A hand holds up a to-go coffee cup with a cardboard sleeve in front of a blue tile counter at Stir Coffee

A great place to work in West Omaha, Stir Coffee Bar is one of the only locally owned coffee shops in the neighborhood. Enjoy high-quality coffee, tea, and small foods, and even a local goods shopping corner!

Location: 16950 Wright Plaza

Lola's Cafe | @lolasomaha

Located inside the Dundee Film Streams theater, Lola's is a crowd favorite cafe in the neighborhood. They offer brunch, sandwiches, salads, dinner courses, a wine bar — and arguably the best vanilla latte in Omaha.

Location: 4952 Dodge St.

Edge of the Universe | @edgeuniversebff

Edge of the Universe is a themed cafe in Benson with fun events like bingo, trivia nights and board game nights! Menu items vary based on the theme of the cafe or seasonal flavors.

Location: 6070 Maple St.

Stories Coffee Co. | @storiescoffeecompany

A black Stories Coffeehouse cup is filled to the brim with a latte in front of other plates of food

Stories Coffee Co. is a great space to work in (there are even meeting rooms), or to enjoy the company of friends. With a full menu complete with soups, salads, sandwiches, cheeseboards, and desserts, it's not just a coffee shop! But never fear: there are all the standard coffee house drinks, made with their locally roasted beans.


Bad Seed Coffee & Supply | @badseed.coffeesupply

A hand pours brown sugar syrup into an iced latte. Beside it there is a hot coffee beverage and Bad Seed coffee beans.

Bad Seed offers small-batch roasted single-origin and direct-trade coffees from around the world. Their brewed coffees are all done so by hand, the espresso is weighed and measured at every step, and their nitro cold brews are always flowing.

Inside Bad Seed, you'll find a beautiful atmosphere (they share their space with Nodest Home Plants!) full of beautiful exposed brick and natural light.

Location: 2452 Harney St.

Dundee Double Shot | @dundeedoubleshot

A bag of Dundee Coffee beans sits next to a blended coffee drink and a scone.

A perfect local stop for a quick drive-thru run, a cozy cafe experience, or a beautiful morning on the patio. Try fun seasonal drinks and flavored lattes!

Location: 118 N. 50th St.

Blue Line Coffee | @bluelinecoffeeomaha

A chalkboard sits next to a row of plants and a burlap coffee bag in Blue Line

A community staple in Dundee, Blue Line is a cozy hideout for hours of reading or work time, complimented by an affordable yet tastefully crafted fair-trade coffee.

Location: 4924 Underwood Ave.

Astute Coffee | @astute_coffee

A hand holds up an iced coffee in a plastic cup in front of the front counter at Astute Coffee

What was known as the Bike Union, Astute Coffee is the new iteration of the bike and coffee shop in Downtown Omaha (sans bikes). All while serving delicious drinks, Astute is a social enterprise offering workforce and personal development to young adults impacted by foster care.

Location: 1818 Dodge St.

Hay Jay Coffee | @hayjaycoffee

A hand holds up a to-go cup of coffee from Hay Jay Coffee. In the background, a car pulls up to the drive thru

Hay Jay is a coffee drive-thru off of Saddle Creek! They've got all your standard favorites, plus some specialties, like a white raspberry mocha, bulletproof coffee, and seasonal drinks.

Location: 1416 N. Saddle Creek Rd.

The Table Coffee Co | @thetableomaha

A cup of coffee sits in front of a plate of Heavenly Waffles and bacon at the Table Coffee Co. The coffee contains latte art in the shape of a bear.

The Table is a cozy and inviting space in the Old Market serving specialty coffee, tea, and other beverages. They're also known for their trademark Heavenly Waffles and homemade desserts!

Location: 1118 Howard St.

Urban Abbey | @urbanabbey

A hand holds up a to-go coffee cup. Behind, Urban Abbey's bookshop and string lights are on display.

Urban Abbey is a progressive church, book store and coffee shop in the Old Market. The coffee shop side of Urban Abbey has a large coffee menu with your standard coffees, blended frappes, smoothies, tea, chai, and matcha. They also have a section called "Coffee for Justice Seeking People" with coffee names like "smashing the patriarchy a latte" (blackberry, white mocha, hazelnut) and "The RGB" (black and white mocha).

They also have a community partner each month and donate 10% of sales to them! They have a large space with plenty of tables and great natural light. Don't forget to stop by for Drag Queen Story Hour!

Location: 1026 Jackson St.

Sozo Cofee House | @sozoomaha

Sozo Coffeehouse is one of Omaha's largest coffee shops. With pool tables, study rooms, and a small stage, it's a favorite for late-night studying or game nights.

Location: 1314 Jones St.

Village Grinder | @vgcoffee

A large maroon sign hangs above a coffee shop entrance, reading Village Grinder

Village Grinder is a beloved community coffee shop in Countryside Village. With a small shop with gifts and other goods, and a fun menu full of seasonal beverages and tasty treats, this is a great place to catch up over a cuppa joe.

Location: 8706 Pacific St.

Karma Koffee | @karma_koffee

A hand holds up a to-go coffee cup with a cardboard sleeve displaying the Karma Koffee logo

Karma Koffee is a West Omaha cafe serving up "coffee, community, and contemplation." Menu items include classic coffee offerings, as well as fun flavored drinks with cosmic names, like the Ying and Yang (espresso, milk, dark and white chocolate sauce), or the Zen Chakra (espresso, milk, lavender and honey).

Location: 587 N 155th Plaza

The Beanery | @thebeaneryne

A plastic cup with the Beanery's logo contains iced coffee and a slurry of milk.

The go-to coffee house for Gretna, Ashland and Papillion, the Beanery has three locations and a mobile coffee truck serving loads of tasty coffee drinks and smoothies. Great for on-the-go fuel for a trip out west!


Fariner Bakery | @farinerbakery

A hand holds up a to-go coffee cup with a cardboard sleeve reading Fariner Bakery. In the background is a table and store shelves.

Fariner Bakery is a small batch bakery, coffee shop, market and wine merchant just 30 minutes from Omaha! The European bakery and coffee shop is tucked away in quaint downtown Ashland with a menu that varies weekly (but always has AMAZING pastries!)

Location: 120 N 14th St, Ashland Coffee Society Cafe | @coffeesocietycafe

Coffee Society Cafe is a brand-new family-owned coffee shop and cafe in La Vista, Nebraska that opened in mid-January of this year! With an indie feel, this up-and-coming Cafe is quickly becoming a favorite amongst those in La Vista. They offer coffee, tea, snacks, sandwiches, salads and more—anything you could need for a study session. On top of having a sit-down cafe inside, Coffee Society also has a Drive-Thru where you can snag a coffee on the way to work! Location: 10748 Virginia Plaza

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